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OneWest Bank CD Rates Archive

Competitive CDs at various terms at OneWest Bank

OneWest Bank doesn’t have any one particularly spectacular CD available right now, but a number of their CDs, both short- and long-term, are competitive in today’s low-rate market. A few examples:

  • 6-month CD: 1.05% APY
  • 1-year CD: 1.25% APY
  • 2-year CD: 1.55% APY
  • 3-year CD: 1.95% APY
  • 4-year CD: 2.25% APY
  • 5-year CD: 2.50% APY

The minimum deposit for all these CDs is $1000. All the CDs can either be opened in a branch (Southern California residents only) or online, which seems to  be available to anyone. All the CDs are also available as IRA CDs. OneWest also has two savings accounts that are worth considering: Their Premium Money Market (available in branches or online) is yielding between 0.90% APY and 1.10% APY, depending on the balance, and their Green Savings Account (available only online) is yielding 1.10% for all balances.

OneWest has 82 branches in Southern California, most of them in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.